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End of Life Care Case Study

In May 2010, Primecare set up an innovative partnership with a leading group of clinicians from Nene Commissioning Group and third sector organisation, Age Concern. The public/ private partnership was formed to secure the Northamptonshire Rapid Response End of Life Services, on behalf of NHS Northamptonshire.

The End of Life Services comprise a single point of access telephony-based solution, the Care Co-ordination Centre, and a nurse-led health care service, the Rapid Response Service. The End of Life Services manage complex care packages for patients in the community and prevent avoidable admissions. The services also support patient discharge from the acute sector, freeing up much needed capacity for planned care.

Primecare run the Care Co-ordination Centre and the Rapid Response part of the service, both of which have been specifically designed to support choice for patients nearing the end of their lives, by helping those who want to remain at home rather than die in hospital.

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