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Forensic Medical Services

Primecare has operated in the police market for over 10 years, offering quality services to city, rural, large and smaller force areas. Primecare currently provides forensic healthcare services to regional police forces. In addition, we provide telephone advice services for a range of court based schemes and a Forensic Medical Examiner service for the British Transport Police. Within our Police management and operational teams we have a depth of experience unmatched by other private providers in this field.

For present and future customers alike, Primecare commit to building a bespoke service for each individual force, working closely with the customer to meet their clinical and evidential needs. We provide local solutions to suit geographical, operational and strategic challenges associated with each force area. Our curent Police customers have expressed approval for our flexibilty and pro-active approach to building strong relationships with our customers.

Primecare are not just a stand-alone provider of health care services to the police force. We have worked in partnership with local hospitals and urgent care services to ensure safe and seamless provisions of care for people who are detained. New care pathways are in place to support clinicians as they care for patients who are transferred between hospitals and police custody.

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